BrahmaKhyapa & Emre Gültekin | Baul Meets Saz

CD release Summer 2018
Catalogue number : 2GN006

Listen to the demo here 

Malabika Brahma : vocals | Sanjoy Khyapa : dubki, guitar, dotara | Emre Gültekin : vocals, saz

Guests: Vardan Hovanissian : duduk | Nathan Daems : kaval | Ruben Tenenbaum : violin | Levent Yıldırım : percussion

Singer and saz player Emre Gültekin was born in Belgium and learned music from his father, Lütfü Gültekin. His technique, fine play and deep voice have been recorded in many projects, including Gültekinler, Talipler, Blindnote and more recently, Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin and Guo Gan & Emre Gültekin. His repertoire focuses on the songs of the ık, bards of Anatolia who travel from village to village carrying their songs. Emre presents himself as a troubadour of modern times, equipped with his saz, the long-handled lute emblematic of Turkey.

A year ago, Emre met the Indian duo BrahmaKhyapa, an outstanding couple of traditional musicians, who perpetuates the tradition of Baul music. Malabika Brahma (vocals) and Sanjay Khyapa (dubki, dotara)  fell immediately the possible connections between saz and Baul music.

They are both musical and spiritual : repertoires, similarities between the communities to which they belong, nomadic way of life, and echoes they found in their poetry. Thus was born the idea of ​​an album they are preparing for summer 2018, which is a tribute to the values shared by these two cultures. They call into question the meaning of borders, travel, wealth, wisdom and love.

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