Pinhan Trio | Hidden Songs of Anatolia

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Released February 16th, 2018
Duration : 42’18
Catalogue number : 2GN004

Recorded and mixed by: Özgür Yıldız, infinity-records
Mastering: Jan Kirchner, Dadasound studio, Hamburg
Photos: Karsten Helmholz
Graphic: El lugar que habito & Pamela Adaro

Listen to the demo here 

Malte Stueck : saz, vocals | Benjamin Stueck : saz, vocals | Nilgün Aksoy : vocals

Guests : Uğur Önür: kabak kemane | Ernst Poets: piano | Emre Gültekin: tanbûr | Ertan Tekin: duduk

Hidden songs of Anatolia is the first album of Pinhan Trio. The album is built on ten pieces, songs and instrumentals from various regions of Anatolia and the Caucasus, which are either widely unknown even in Turkey or, at least, didn’t receive the attention that they should have. It was quite difficult to select this small repertoire out of a huge collection of marvelous songs. Pinhan’s main source was their longtime teacher Talip Özkan himself, furthermore their own archive of recordings. With a few exceptions, they interpreted and arranged the pieces in a traditional way. This interpretation is not rigid, but allows unlimited creative freedom. Making these recordings they were guided by intuition and emotion, and the result is accordingly very personal. They aim is to share these emotions and to offer you a glimpse of a rich music culture.