Levent Yıldırım | Doholla Tarang

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CD release February 16th, 2018, Muziekpublique (Belgium)
Catalogue number : 2GN003
Recorded in June 2017 in Finnevaux, Belgium

Levent Yıldırım : doholla, bhayan, bendir, udu, shakers, cymbals
Engineer : Emre Gültekin (Arts des Mondes)
Design & pictures : El lugar que habito & Pamela Adaro

Listen to the demo here

Levent Yıldırım: doholla, bhayan, bendir, udu, shakers, cymbals
Guests : Emre Gültekin : üçtelli, tanbûr, ıklı saz | Vardan Hovanissian : duduk

Levent Yıldırım is considered one of the modern pioneers of Middle Eastern percussion. Levent and his older brother Ahmet Misirli are the starters of a musical revolution that opened a new path for future generations of percussionists : they have brought a lesser-known instrument – the Egyptian doholla – into the limelight, and elevated it to the ranks of instruments able to claim a virtuosic solo repertoire.

The doholla is a drum with a goblet-shaped terracotta frame, on which is stretched a membrane of goat-, donkey- or cowhide. Originally used as a supporting instrument in Arabic music ensembles, the doholla is basically a bass version of the common darbuka, with a deeper sound and different technical possibilities provided by the larger size of the skin.

Levent, using his older brother Ahmet’s left hand technique as his starting point, borrowed from the spectrum of world music to invent a radically different and completely personal approach. The result is an infinite variety of sounds coming one after another in total spontaneity. Humility, fluidity and sincerity characterize the music of Levent, mostly improvised, which boldly synthesises the artist’s various influences from the Arab, Turkish, Indian and Western worlds.

After two albums published by Harmonia Mundi (Dialog in 2005 and Neverland Fusion in 2007), his third album invites you to immerse yourself in the intimate charm of Levent Yıldırım.

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