Recorded  14th to 16th of August 2017
Saint-Rémi Church, Franc-Waret, Belgium
Engineer : Manuel Mohino
Cover illustration : Sarah Monnier “Grands Ensembles Jaune”
Design : Leen de Vijver

Seyir Trio | Seyir Trio

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Released 15th December 2017
Duration: 64’44  ||  Catalogue number : 2GN002

They know how to combine virtuosity with immersive, exciting beauty. In every way for sure a great album!   Jan Willem Broek,, 10/02/2018

De muziek (is) fris en hedendaags. Verrassend is de aanwezigheid van Tcha Limberger (…) Het is een lange zit, maar zeer zeker de moeite waard om het album in een keer te beluisteren.   Charlie Crooijmans, VPRO Vrije Geluiden Tips, 5/01/2018

A phenomenally beautiful album, in which rhythm, melody, solo and harmony all come together perfectly.   Holly Moors,, 9/02/2018

Tristan Driessens : ‘ûd | Simon Leleux : percussion | Ruben Tenenbaum : violin || Guest : Tcha Limberger : violin

Driven by a common passion for Turkish Ottoman music, Tristan Driessens, Ruben Tenenbaum and Simon Leleux had a rigorous musical training allowing them to travel through the Eastern Mediterranean to meet their masters and fellow musicians. For almost a decade now, they have been solid companions in many musical projects, often, but not always related to Turkish music. When Seyir Trio was created in 2016, it was originally designed to be a reduced formation of the Lâmekân Ensemble. However the trio’s identity was soon revealed thanks to the strong human and musical affinities these musicians share when performing together. Displaying their understanding of music and aesthetics with a modern approach, they express both freedom and deep respect towards the music they have been transmitted. Every intrument – violin, ‘ûd and doholla (bass darbuka) is played with solistic flair, enhancing both rhythm and melody. With unbridled surrender, virtuosity as well as a touch of humor, Seyir Trio reveals a rather remarkable story : three restless companions who found their way through the labyrinths of a foreign musical idiom. 

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